Trader Dan at Goldseek

You can listen in to my audio interview with Chris Waltzek of at the following link… What I appreciated about doing this interview was that I told Chris up front that I was not especially friendly towards gold at this time and he still wanted my honest take on the markets. That was (more…)

Lack of buying

There is a general lack of aggressive buying of equities today in a continuation of what we saw yesterday, especially in the tech sector and in the Nasdaq. The semiconductors, which until last week has been grinding steadily higher has seen a serious round of profit taking ahead of year’s end. The selling has erased (more…)

Gold update

Gold has continued to push higher and is now trading into a chart resistance zone. You can see the area highlighted, which I have labeled as a “Congestion Zone”. That range contained the price for large portion of the month of August. Gold then broke out of it to the upside late that same month (more…)

Ten Year at one month high

Bond and note prices are once more falling today marking a continuation of the pattern that commenced on Tuesday, when traders/investors interpreted ECB President Mario Draghi’s comments as a sign that Central Bankers are prepping the markets for an end to bond buying programs and other forms of monetary stimulus. On Wednesday that was followed (more…)

More FOMC Fallout

Today is starting off to be somewhat of a strange session as the fallout from yesterday’s FOMC meeting continues. Additionally, Yellen’s testimony about the balance sheet reduction seems to be producing some different sort of money flows. Thus far I am noticing something unusual in the sense that nearly all of the major markets are (more…)

TIPS spread update

In updating my files for the TIPS spread and the Yield Curve I noticed something a bit different. It does not appear all that significant in the sense of being a market mover but it does show a bit of confusion/uncertainty among bond traders in regards to the overall health of the US economy. Maybe (more…)