You can listen in to my audio interview with Chris Waltzek of at the following link…

What I appreciated about doing this interview was that I told Chris up front that I was not especially friendly towards gold at this time and he still wanted my honest take on the markets. That was quite refreshing given some of the gold-related sites I have had dealings with in the past.

As some of you know, I was essentially black-listed by some gold-oriented sites since my take on gold was bearish based on the price action picture and contradicted many of the gold perma bulls. That was a no-no at some of these other sites.

As long as a site is open to an objective reading of the price chart, I am willing to go on and give my read on the precious metals.  If the charts turn bullish, I will be bullish as well but I will not pretend that a chart with a negative price pattern is bullish merely to stay in the good graces of those who frequent many of these sites.

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i like the trendline play.. its an untested line… but when i was looking at it.. it does lineup well in other areas….problem is that there is another pivot that lies lower … the real roll of the dice is wether to hold over the weekend if im not stopped out today as my stop is farily tight.. but a big gap down would negate the low risk.

yes, ss – the weekends can either make you or break you in natural gas since forecast shifts while the market is closed over that time generally result in gaps up or gaps down.
We will get a cold snap at some point this winter – that will push it higher but unless the cold is sustained, the rallies will be sold. But they will provide some good trading opportunities.

We need that cold weather in the Northeast to stick around.. that has been the problem. We get these cold snaps but then temps moderate and it warms up again. NAt gas needs sustained cold to draw down those inventories further.

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