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daisy photo

Notice the circular arrangement of the flower petals on this lovely daisy. There is a sufficient number of petals to take one through an entire month of trading (Monday-Friday).

Please pay close attention because this is where things can get complicated. If you fail to get this part down, the entire strategy will collapse so it is critical to focus.

On the first trading day of the month, pluck the first petal and repeat these words, “the Market LOVES ME”. On that day you buy stocks.

The next day you then pluck the next petal in line ( you can start in either direction, clockwise or counterclockwise) while you repeat this phrase, ” The Market HATES ME”. On that day you SELL every stock on the board.

On day number three, you continue plucking your petals and remove the next one in that rotation and then repeat the same phrase from day 1, “The Market LOVES ME”. Once again you BUY every stock on the board.

Moving to day number four, ( I think you are getting the strategy now) you pluck the next petal and repeat the words from day two, namely, “The Market HATES ME”. You then SELL everything in sight.

Continue removing one petal on each successive day until you make an entire loop of the daisy and no petals remain. When you reach that stage you can then tabulate the results from your trading strategy. Odds are that you will have ended up exactly where you began on day one.

While this has the unfortunate habit of enriching your broker, it will also leave you completely jaded and cynical asking yourself the following question:
“Why did I not simply take some time off to get some well needed sleep instead of trying to make sense out of an insensible market?”

And this my friends is where we now stand…

Suffice it to say that while yesterday the world was ending, today it is all fixed. Yesterday every one and his dog was buying safe havens. Today they are all vomiting those out.

If you are reaching the point where you cannot make heads or tails out of some of these markets, do not worry. Anyone who claims that they can at this moment is either delusional or suffers from an overinflated sense of his or her own importance. The mood changes among investors/traders we are seeing have more in common with the symptoms of manic depression than they do with serious market analysis.

We have reached the point where a LONG TERM trade is 60 minutes….

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