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for hosting me for an in-depth audio interview of the past week’s market action. I sincerely appreciate the fact that Mike allows me the time in these interviews to really get into the meat of what is taking place without feeling as if I am under some sort of time constraint.

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Dan, you are a professional “off the floor” trader? Isn’t everyone off the floor now? You have until July 2nd to make this claim I believe…a new era is in effect. Thanks for the interview.


some people have suggested I change that from “off the floor” to “off his rocker”!

… or,
“out of his mind” trader!

Seriously, you make a good point – only a very few pits with have a FLOOR CONTINGENT of traders. This to me is a sad, sad, sad day.
Personally, the floor traders were the most knowledgeable guys out there on the fundamentals of the market. The funds are idiots – they simply have all the money and thus their stupidity can be cancelled out by their firepower.

Facts: The bond market globally is roughly three times the stock market value. Since bond rates have gone up, money does not seem to flow into stocks. Some has gone into commodities and $AUD confirming.
Near facts: Some players re-positioning, yet without any obvious news.
My speculation: The ‘smart’ money and the ‘large money’ that cannot move suddenly is starting to re-position out of bonds. Some of it going into commodities. Top is in for long bond or will have one more wiggle higher as often seen near major tops. IF Marty Armstrong is right and we face a historic shift in trust away from government in 2015 (i.e. bonds) and to private (stocks) after appropriate false moves such as a crash of everything including stocks and commodities, shorting the long bond will be as profitable as the 35 year bond bull market has been.
I am awful curious if there is any connection (maybe none) between any of this and the forty-eight or so bankers and traders found dead under bizarre circumstances all over the world in the last 2 years. Last one, a Morgan Stanley trader found in Toronto harbor just few days ago. All seem to be suicides without notes or circumstances pointing to prior problems. Young or middle aged, healthy. Jumping off a high building is most common. Not even in the midst of the 2008 crisis was their such a rash of suicides. Since not much of this happened the prior few years it is very strange and statistically nearly impossible by chance alone.
One article details amounts of life insurance policies payable to the bank for these traders and it is not insignificant. The police don’t seem to have any lead in any of them.

I like the False Moves taking place now theory.
As for the “suicides” something is definitely up there and it stinks to high heaven. Most of those people were in key positions and had good lives and made great money. The hedge has done a good job covering most of them. Not so sure if any of these deaths have connection to money flows though…

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